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Regulators and vendor management

A quick overview of the U.S. regulatory bodies potentially involved in vendor management.

VendorRisk staff
Cybsecurity and vendor management

Advice on cybersecurity-related concerns when conducting vendor due diligence.

VendorRisk staff
10 tips to pass a CFPB regulatory audit

A ten-point checklist to help your company with a CFPB audit.

VendorRisk staff
VendorRisk for the mortgage industry

Our software can help you satisfy the regulators.

Eric Pittman
VendorRisk for the nonprofit sector

Strengthen internal controls and centralize your important vendor management activities.

Tom Rogers
How to write winning contracts with your vendors

Eight components of just about any contract that you want to get right. You’ll not only start your vendor relationship off on the right foot, but you may also sleep a little better at night.

Tom Rogers
3 types of risk you should be managing with your riskiest vendors

Not every vendor relationship is created equal. While the specific activities may vary across organizations, there are three types of risk you want to be sure to address.

Tom Rogers
Breaking down the new Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

With no further delays on the horizon, non-Federal entities must now comply with all of the new procurement requirements. To better understand what they’re all about, here’s a breakdown of the 10 key sections.

Tom Rogers
4 easy steps to improve your vendor selection process by using vendor profiles

It’s as important to select the right vendor as it is to select the right solution. Follow these steps to create a solid vendor profile that will increase the odds of finding the right vendor for your next big procurement.

Tom Rogers
Starting a Vendor Management Office (VMO)

Four steps to starting a Vendor Management Office (VMO) at your company, including planning, defining roles & responsibilities and implementing the plan.

Paul Boone
How a Vendor Management Office (VMO) provides ROI

See how a VMO can provide ROI and help your company by improving efficiency, cutting unnecessary costs and reducing risk exposure.

Paul Boone
Vendor management for the mortgage servicing industry

The mortgage industry is increasingly being subject to more stringent vendor management requirements. This article highlights the key challenges you should be concerned about.

Paul Boone
What are vendor diligence reviews?

Learn why you should conduct diligence reviews, what you should be capturing, and how often to conduct reviews.

Paul Boone
What are vendor risk reviews?

Learn why you should conduct vendor risk reviews, what you should be capturing, and how often to conduct reviews.

Paul Boone
What are vendor performance reviews?

Learn why you should conduct vendor performance reviews, what you should be capturing, and how often to conduct reviews.

Paul Boone
Why track vendor incidents?

Examples of vendor incidents, how you should track them, and why capturing this information is critical to your vendor management efforts.

Paul Boone

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