Contract Management

Track all agreements in a centralized repository

Unlimited contracts per vendor

We don't enforce a 1-to-1 relationship between vendors and contracts. Enter unlimited contracts for a vendor.

Specify parent & sub-contracts

Contracts can get messy and complex. Specify if the contract is tied to another contract and VendorRisk will take it from there.

Specify contract dates & notice requirements

If the contract expires but has a defined notice requirement (say, 1 month), then VendorRisk will automatically factor that in and send email alerts based on the notification date.

Renew contracts automatically

For contracts that auto-renew, VendorRisk will automatically update the contract dates on the morning of the current end date.

Keep track of costs

Enter all costs associated with the contract and keep an eye on the vendor spend.

Track SLA terms

Enter all the service level terms that are part of the contract.

Up to 40 custom fields

Contract records can have up to 40 custom fields.

Enter comments

Each contract can have comments posted to their page.

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