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Vendor Management

One place to manage all your vendor relationships


Track all agreements in a centralized repository

Due Diligence

Conduct diligence reviews on your 3rd party relationships

Risk Assessments

Evaluate the criticality of your vendors

Performance Reviews

Score your vendors to ensure high levels of performance

On-Site Reviews

Conduct reviews of a vendor's facilities

Incident Tracking

Document and resolve issues that arise with vendors

Asset Management

Manage the deliverables that your vendors provide

Vendor Selection

Oversee the procurement process of a new vendor


Send questionnaires to virtually anyone

Complaint Tracking

Track issues that your own customers have with you


Regardless of modules, all the following features are automatically included in your subscription.


Your homepage of all items requiring your attention


Create, run & save a variety of custom reports

KPI Boards

A visual way to track your key performance indicators

Bulk Actions

Automate your workflow with recurring actions


Assign ownership of vendor-related tasks & to-do's

Remediation Tracking

Create remediations and follow-up with the vendors

Document Requests

Send one-off requests to vendors for documents

Review Committees

A formal approval process for reviews & tasks

Email Integration

VendorRisk & email play nicely with each other

User Management

Give everyone just the right amount of visibility

Document Management

Safely store all your vendor documents in one place

Importing & Exporting

Get your information in & out of VendorRisk

Chat Rooms

Keep all communications in one place

Guest Portal

A secure place for your vendors to upload information

Site Administration

Manage all aspects of your site without needing tech support

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