Performance Reviews

Score your vendors to ensure high levels of performance

View performance trends

Once a vendor has multiple performance reviews, you can see their scoring trend over time.

Integrates with incident tracking

When creating a performance review for a given timeframe, any incidents the vendor had during that timeframe will automatically appear.

Create unlimited performance forms

Create performance forms based on vendor type, risk level, new vs. existing, etc.

Craft complex questionnaires

Forms can have hundreds of items, using various field types such as text, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Create at the deliverable level as well

If you are using the Services & IT assets module, you can create performance reviews at the deliverable level in addition to the vendor level.

Approvable by a review committee

Once completed, the review can be automatically assigned to a review committee for final approval.

Viewable by vendor in the Guest Portal

If you want the vendor to have access to their performance reviews, they can be sent a link to view it in their Guest Portal.

Advanced form logic

Scoring, skip and autocomplete logic can be created for a form to help streamline the time needed to complete and approve a review.

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