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VendorRisk is offered as an annual subscription with à la carte pricing

Partner Pricing — Software & Services

If you need both our software and assistance with implementing your vendor management program, we have established partner relationships with vendor management experts. Pricing will vary based on several factors — please contact a partner for more information.

Discuss your requirements with our partners and learn how they can help with:
  • Preparing for an audit
  • Taking inventory of your vendor management process
  • Building a program that meets today's rigorous compliance standards
  • Define policies and procedures that align with your organization's process

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Our Pricing Philosophy

Only pay for what you need

Your VendorRisk cost is based on the number of modules you choose. This ensures that the price is kept as low as possible and you won't be paying for unused features. You can always upgrade in the future.

Unlimited users

We do not charge per-seat or per-user. This approach lets you have as many users in the system as you need to support your vendor management program without worrying about breaking the bank.

No long-term contract

Each year you will have the option of renewing. With this approach, your company gets to decide if you're happy with VendorRisk, so it's in our best interest to keep you satisfied with excellent customer service.

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