Importing & Exporting

Get your information in & out of VendorRisk

Import from CSV

Vendors, contracts, contacts and mailing addresses can be imported from CSV.

Export to Excel, PDF and XML

Detail pages can be saved as PDF, while listings & reports can be exported to Excel and XML as well.

Set up recurring exports

Reports can be set to export at periodic dates & times. For example, you could have a report of all your active vendors emailed to you every Monday morning at 9 AM.

Weekly site & file backups

We also offer the option to create a site-wide Excel export every Sunday morning, and a ZIP file containing all new files uploaded in the previous week.

Export to common formats

The API can return data in XML and CSV formats.

Enhanced security

While access is already limited by who has access to the private URL, you can further restrict access by IP address, either a specific address or a subnet range.

All requests logged

All successful and failed API requests are logged and can be viewed in Site Administration.

Use to import into other systems

One of the more frequent use cases is to export vendor & mailing address information and import into EnCompass on a daily basis.

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