Vendor Centric

Vendor Centric is a management consulting firm based in the Washington DC/Metro area. They specialize in helping organizations create and maintain disciplined policies, procedures and systems for procurement and vendor management. Their mission is to help their clients:

  • minimize operational, regulatory and financial risks associated with vendors,
  • improve outcomes related to service levels and vendor performance,
  • ensure compliance with third party vendor contractual and regulatory requirements, and
  • lower costs for procuring goods and services.

They do this by helping their clients identify and implement the right approach to vendor management based on each organization’s unique priorities, requirements and resource capacity. Central to this process is Vendor Centric’s Model for Vendor Lifecycle Management (VLM).

The VLM model provides a structured framework for all six stages of vendor management, and enables Vendor Centric to align the complexity of the activities, infrastructure and oversight to each client’s specific requirements.

Learn more about Vendor Centric by visiting their website or contacting:

Paul Schrantz
Director, Business Development