Our Vendor Management Software

VendorRisk grows with your needs

All Your Vendor Information in One Place

Vendor Management

Catch up to speed on any vendor in a matter of minutes

  • Give everyone in your company access to a current, official vendor list
  • Conduct OFAC & SAM Exclusion searches against your vendors
  • Store all vendor-related docs — NDAs, insurance policies, 3rd party docs, etc.
  • Customize vendor statuses, categories and regions to fit your needs
  • Track parent/child and other relationships between vendors
  • Keep track of upcoming diligence/on-site/performance/risk review dates
  • Store annual financial & vendor spend information
  • View vendor's mailing addresses on an embedded Google map

Contact Management

All your vendor contacts in one place

  • Enter unlimited contacts
  • Denote primary & emergency contacts
  • Email contacts directly from the application
  • Enter comments for each contact
  • Archive contacts that are no longer with the vendor

Contract Management

Avoid missed deadlines & penalties

  • Track notification & expiration dates and receive email reminders
  • Enter unlimited contracts for each vendor
  • Enter sub-contracts that are tied to an umbrella contract
  • Have the system auto-renew contracts
  • Enter SLA terms, which can then be measured when conducting performance reviews

Services & IT Asset Management

Know exactly what your vendors are providing

  • Store dates such as support and warranty expirations and receive email reminders
  • Conduct risk & performance reviews on your services & IT assets

Vendor Selection Projects

Manage all aspects of a vendor selection project throughout its lifecycle

  • Create a vendor selection project and invite new & existing vendors
  • The vendors themselves can login to the Guest Portal and respond to the RFP
  • Use automated RFP scoring and see how each vendor performs compared to each other
  • One centralized location for all documents associated with the selection project

Incident Tracking

Document all vendor-related issues so you don't forget them later

  • Enter unlimited incidents with your vendors
  • Determine if the incident violated your SLA terms
  • See which vendors are the most problematic
  • Track the vendor's resolution time
  • Have the vendor complete an incident response form via the Guest Portal

Conduct Reviews & Request Information

Diligence Reviews

Have a consistent & reasonable approach to vetting your vendors

  • Conduct a diligence review to capture information on a vendor
  • Have the vendor complete the questionnaire on your Guest Portal
  • Optionally use a review committee to approve the vendor's responses
  • Unlimited reviews per vendor; unlimited review templates

On-Site Reviews

Diligence geared to on-site visits

  • Conduct an on-site review to capture information on a vendor
  • Have the vendor complete the questionnaire on your Guest Portal
  • Optionally use a review committee to approve the vendor's responses
  • Unlimited reviews per vendor; unlimited review templates

Performance Reviews

Ensure that your vendors are meeting expectations

  • Conduct a performance review to assess how well a vendor is performing
  • Have the vendor complete the questionnaire on your Guest Portal
  • Optionally use a review committee to approve the vendor's responses
  • Unlimited reviews per vendor; unlimited performance templates

Risk Reviews

Assess risk exposure to mitigate your third-party vendor concerns

  • Conduct a risk review to quantitatively arrive at a vendor's risk level
  • Optionally use a review committee to approve the reviewer's answers
  • Risk reviews can utilize a question & answer approach or a risk matrix grid
  • Unlimited reviews per vendor; unlimited risk templates

Document Requests

Quickly & easily request documents from your vendors

  • Send one-off requests to vendors for updated documentation
  • Can include NDA, 3rd party, insurance requests, or any other document
  • Receive email notification when the vendor uploads the document(s)


Request information from anyone

  • Create survey questionnaires
  • Send the survey to anyone, just vendor contacts, or just internal users
  • A summary page will break down the responses, or create a report to query responses

Customer Complaint Tracking

Capture complaints & feedback from your own customers

  • Use the VendorRisk Guest Portal to host the complaint form
  • Customize the form fields to best suit your needs
  • Receive email notification when customer posts a complaint

Manage Your Workflow


All upcoming items in one place

  • The dashboard is your "home page", and aims to give you a snapshot of all action items
  • Toggle between just your items or all items you have access to
  • The dashboard can be emailed to you periodically — every day, week, etc.

Task List

What do you need to do next?

  • Tasks are specific items that need to be accomplished
  • Tasks can be recurring — every day, every week, every day of the month, etc.
  • Create saved tasks for common tasks
  • Create multi-step tasks with defined workflows — e.g. a contract approval process

Review Committees

Approval workflow for submitted tasks & reviews

  • Create unlimited review committees
  • Completed tasks & reviews can be to a review committee for approval
  • Each committee member can approve, reject or "approve with findings"
  • Rejected items will be sent back to the owner
  • Configure all aspects of who can approve, how many approvals are needed, etc.

Bulk Actions

Automate repetitive actions & save yourself a ton of time

  • Bulk actions perform one or more actions against report data, and can be one-time or recurring
  • Available bulk actions include: email item owner, email vendor contact, change owner, change department, create review, create document request, create task, etc.
  • For example, let's say you have a report called "Vendors that have an insurance policy expiring today"...
  • ... you could have a bulk action that runs every morning and creates a document request and sends that to each vendor
  • ... rather than having to manually email vendors every day that they have an expiring insurance policy, the bulk action accomplishes this in seconds

Reporting Tools

Executive Charts

Easily digest high-level information

  • Pre-built charts that show items by department, by status, by type and by risk level
  • Can be displayed as pie, column or bar charts
  • Save charts to PDF


Create custom reports on the fly

  • Create 4 types of reports — detailed, summary, drilldown and executive
  • Detailed — select specific fields to display, e.g. "All names, status, and risk level for active vendors"
  • Summary — see data as a pie, column or bar chart, e.g. a pie chart of "All vendors by risk level"
  • Drilldown — specific to reviews, lets you drilldown by an answer, e.g. "All vendors who answered 'Yes' for 'Hosts company data?'"
  • Executive — lets you combine one or more reports into one report

KPI Boards

Track & evaluate your vendor-related objectives

  • For reports that you want to track historically, create a KPI board...
  • ... examples could include "Open tasks", "Reviews in-process", "High-risk vendors", etc.
  • The KPI page will show the # for each report and includes a link to view the historical trend by day
  • Color-code the # — for example, show the # in red if you have more than 20 high-risk vendors
  • Have your KPI boards delivered to you via email
  • Share your KPI boards with other users

Email Features

Daily Email Reminders

Important items delivered right to your inbox

  • Receive a daily email at 8 AM your time, Monday through Friday
  • Site admins can receive an additional email that contains a summary of all the daily emails
  • The emails can contain items due today, upcoming expirations, etc. with a link to the item in VendorRisk

Forward Emails to your Site

Backup important information from email messages

  • Your site will have a unique VendorRisk email address
  • Users can then forward emails to this address, and the email will appear in your site
  • Forwarded emails can then be assigned to a vendor and appear in their vendor page
  • This approach lets you quickly & easily preserve email conversations without tedious copy/pasting

Stored in the Database

Automatic copies of your email messages

  • Any emails sent from the system are automatically kept in the database
  • Search email messages by creating reports
  • Site administrators can see all email messages sent via the system

Sent via SendGrid

Increase odds of email delivery

  • SendGrid is a popular email delivery provider to help ensure that your email reaches its recipient
  • Any bounces/blocks are recorded in the system to help you troubleshoot issues

Other Features

Guest Portal

A secure environment for your vendors to login to

  • Vendors can view and/or complete diligence/on-site/performance reviews, incident responses, surveys, document requests & RFP requests
  • Vendors can create their own account and request a new password
  • While anyone can register, the guest's email address is used to determine access to reviews & requests
  • Vendors can review contact info you have on file and notify you of any changes

Document Storage

Upload all your vendor-related documents, safely and securely

  • Attach documents to virtually any item (vendor, contract, etc.)
  • All documents stored securely at Amazon S3 & can only be accessed via your site
  • Documents can have an expiration date & can be archived
  • Permissions can be given to documents so that only certain users can view/download the file
  • Unlimited document storage — individual files can be up to 80 MB in size
  • For security purposes, only the most popular file formats are allowed (PDF, MS Office, etc.)


Keep a running conversation of notes & concerns

  • Post comments to virtually any item (vendor, contract, etc.)
  • Email the item owner when a new comment is added
  • Use the Reports tool to search through any comments

Import & Export

Get your data in & out

  • Import vendors, contacts, contracts, incidents, mailing addresses and vendor spend data from CSV
  • Export items to Excel, PDF and ZIP
  • Set up weekly site-wide exports to Excel
  • Set up weekly incremental file backups to ZIP

API access

Access your site data without logging in

  • Read-only access to report data
  • Data can be formatted as XML or CSV
  • Use our API to ingest your site data into a local database or other software
  • All API attempts are logged

Site Administration

User Management

Get everyone on board with the appropriate access rights

  • Create unlimited users
  • Assign multiple site administrators
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration with popular providers, such as ADFS, Azure, Okta, OneLogin and PingOne
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration with Google Authenticator
  • Very granular permissions — add/view/edit privileges along with per-module access
  • "User roles" let you create groups of users to simplify permissions for similar users

Review Templates

Highly customizable templates for your review process

  • Create unlimited review templates
  • Questionnaires can have unlimited items
  • Multiple field types to choose from (textbox, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, etc.)
  • Create scoring logic dependent on the answers
  • Configure skip logic to eliminate having to answer irrelevant items

Customize, customize, customize

Tailor your site to meet your needs

  • Customize what appears on your dashboard & daily email alerts
  • Configure how strong each password must be & how long passwords can be valid for
  • Create custom fields for virtually every module
  • Customize guest portal to include your company's logo and color scheme
  • Customize document types
  • Create your own help manual

Software Support

Technical Support

We're here to help

  • Not sure how something works, or you have a good idea?
  • Contact us via email, phone, or from inside the app
  • Inquiries are answered the same day, typically within an hour

Web-based Training

When you need more in-depth assistance

  • One-on-one web-based instruction with VendorRisk support
  • ... or, invite co-workers to join in on the call
  • We can record the meeting so you can reference it in the future

Periodic "Health Checkups"

Use VendorRisk to its fullest potential

  • VendorRisk support will create a temporary support account and review your site
  • We'll discuss with you how you're currently using the software
  • Based on how our other customers are using similar features, we can offer suggestions