All Your Vendor Information in One Place

Catch up to speed on any vendor in a matter of minutes

Experience The Benefits Of A Consolidated Vendor Database

Give everyone in your company access to a current, official vendor list

All relevant company personnel should have access to see your vendor information. No more having to email a person asking for info, or having to wade through an Excel worksheet only to find out their info has been updated in another location.

View all your vendors at once

The main vendor page lists all your company's vendors — including owner & risk level

View a comprehensive one-page vendor report

Each vendor has their own page that details:

  • Basic info — name, status, phone, fax, addresses, assigned owner
  • Third party documentation — expiration date, related info & links to documents
  • Insurance policies — expiration date, related info & links to documents
  • Contacts — name, title, phone, email & notes
  • Due diligence reviews — review frequency, next review date, links to past reviews
  • Risk assessments — review frequency, next review date, links to past reviews
  • Performance reviews — review frequency, next review date, links to past reviews
  • Incidents — list of previous incidents for this vendor
  • Competitors — name & notes of possible replacements for this vendor
  • Documents — general documents uploaded for this vendor, such as privacy policy
  • Comments — users can post quick notes on the vendor

With this one page, any user can quickly grasp who the vendor is, what they do, who's responsible for them, and how well they've been managed and monitored.

Vendor detail information

The top portion of the vendor page — if you list their stock symbol, links to Google Finance and their SEC filings page will appear

Use as your vendor contacts rolodex

You can enter multiple contacts per vendor — such as Account Manager, Tech Support, Project Manager. Quickly find a contact's info by searching for their name in the global search box. Or create a custom report that lists your vendors and their contacts.

Keep your important vendor documents up-to-date

When you enter a new vendor relationship, you typically collect documents from the vendor, notably proof of insurance & any third party documentation such as an SSAE 16 or SAS 70.

With VendorRisk, you can upload these documents and specify expiration dates, and you'll receive email reminders leading up to the expiration date, so that you can contact the vendors and request the latest versions.

Track your vendor insurance & documentation

Upload third party documentation and insurance policies — keep track of when they expire

Receive automated email reminders for...

  • Upcoming due diligence reviews
  • Upcoming on site reviews
  • Upcoming risk reviews
  • Upcoming performance reviews
  • Upcoming third party document expirations
  • Upcoming insurance policy expirations

Generate Vendor Reports On The Fly

Examples of reports you can run, save & export...

  • Active vendors with a high-risk level
  • High-risk vendors with an insurance policy expiring in the next 3 months
  • New vendors added to the system in the past month
  • Vendors in a specific category that have a risk review occurring in the next month
  • High-risk vendors owned by a specific user that haven't had a review performed in the past 6 months
Create vendor management reports on the fly

Create & save reports — this sample shows high-risk vendors and risk-related fields

Module Summary

  • Import your vendors from Excel (CSV)
  • Export your vendors to Excel
  • Save vendor details page to PDF
  • Create up to 25 custom vendor fields
  • Upload unlimited vendor documents
  • Receive email alerts for upcoming review dates & upcoming insurance and third-party documentation expirations
  • Create unlimited vendor reports

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