VendorRisk Can Be Used By Your Entire Company

Get all relevant personnel on board

Add Users Without Affecting Your Bottom-Line

Software products that charge per-user may force you to restrict access to the application in order to keep costs down. As a result, you may end up with "gatekeepers" where everything is routed through them.

While this may be fine for your needs, our approach is that we want everyone in your company using the system if they can derive value from it. That's why we allow for unlimited users.

Assign Responsibility Throughout the System

Every item has an owner

Every vendor, contract, review, incident, etc. has an "Owner" — the person at your company responsible for the item. For example, the vendor owner is the main point person for vendor interactions and ultimately responsible for the relationship, whereas the contract owner is in charge of making sure the contract's terms are followed, the documentation is in order, etc.

More often than not, the vendor & contract owner will be the same, but VendorRisk gives you the flexibility to divide ownership responsibility.

The owner of the item receives email alerts of any upcoming action items.

Give each employee just the right amount of access they need

VendorRisk's permission system is quite granular — for each user, you can determine:

  • If they can add new items
  • If they can delete items
  • What departments they can view & edit items for
  • What departments they can just view items for

The settings above can be overridden at the module level. So you can allow a user to view & edit vendors only have view rights to contracts. Or you can even exclude their access to the Contracts module altogether.

Sample user rights

Here are a few user scenarios that you can accomplish with VendorRisk...

John Doe — in charge of IT vendors

  • Can create new vendors
  • Can view & edit all vendors assigned to the IT department
  • Cannot view any vendors not belonging to his department

Jane Doe — oversees all contracts

  • Can view all vendors & contracts in the system
  • Can edit any contract in the system
  • Cannot view any other modules in the system

Bob Deer — works at the Help Desk

  • Can view all vendors & incidents in the system
  • Can add new incidents & edit incidents he opened, but cannot edit any other incidents
  • Cannot view any other modules in the system

Foster Better Communication By Letting Users Comment On Vendors

You may only want a few of your employees having edit rights to your information, but still want others to contribute information. VendorRisk has an option that lets any user post a quick comment that will appear on the vendor's detail page, provided they have the rights to view the vendor.

The vendor owner will be notified via email that a new comment has been posted.

Site Administrators Have (Nearly) Unlimited Superpowers

Your VendorRisk site is managed by one or more administrators. We recommend having at least two site admins in case the primary admin is on vacation or out of the office.

Site admins have the ability to...

  • Create and modify user accounts
  • Set password criteria that each user's password must follow
  • Determine what appears on the Dashboard & Calendar pages
  • Determine what action items generate email alerts & how often they're sent
  • Reassign ownership & merge vendors
  • Create custom fields for each module
  • Customize certain dropdown fields, such as "vendor category"
  • Download weekly Excel backups of your site's data
The audit log captures every addition, edit and deletion in the system

Site administrators also have access to the audit log, which captures all action made within the system. Admins can clearly see "who did what when."

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