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Surveys Can Be a Bit of a Pain...

You have to create the form, send it to the right people, collect the responses and summarize them. There are great third-party services out there that make managing surveys a breeze, but then you're bringing in an additional vendor just for this specific task. If the survey is vendor-related, it makes more sense to have it in the same system as all your other vendor information.

Types of surveys you might have

  • End-user IT usage surveys
  • End-user satisfaction survey for a particular vendor's product or service
  • Employee survey to discover any vendor-related issues or incidents
  • Vendor survey for updating basic company info
  • ... anything else that you need to collect info on

How Can VendorRisk Help?

Create unlimited survey templates

Create a survey template for each type of survey you'll send. Each template allows for unlimited questions and lets you select the answer types, such as:

  • Textbox (single-line)
  • Textbox (multi-line)
  • Date field
  • Yes/no radio buttons
  • Dropdown items

Send the survey to anyone

Once the survey is created, it will have a "guest page URL" that you can share with anyone via an email blast, posting to your company intranet, etc. You can also use VendorRisk to send the email to:

  • Only site users (i.e. your company's employees)
  • Only vendor primary contacts
  • Only specific email addresses

Upon receiving the survey link, the respondent enters their name and email address, then answers each question. The survey owner then receives an email notification that the survey has been completed and can login and view the respondent's answers.

Customizable survey guest page

Your site administrator can customize the look of the survey guest page to include:

  • Your logo
  • A background color of your choice
  • Customizable links that appear at the bottom of the survey

View survey answer breakdown

At any time, you can view the summary breakdown of the answers given. For example, if you sent out a vendor satisfaction survey to your employees, you can easily see what % are happy with the vendor's performance.

Module Summary

  • Create unlimited surveys
  • Send survey link to your users, vendor contacts or any other pre-defined list
  • Be notified when a survey response is submitted
  • View each respondent's answers and a summary of response breakdowns
  • Save respondent answers to PDF
  • Create up to 5 custom fields
  • Create unlimited survey templates
  • Resend email reminder to those who haven't completed the survey yet

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