KPI Bpards

Stay on target
by knowing your risk.

Focus on your most critical vendors by identifying the risk they pose to your organization. Give your higher risk vendors that attention they deserve.

Risk Rating

Know where your risk is.

How many vendors have access to our data? You should have the answer at your finger tips. With VendorRisk, you will.

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Risk Assessments

Not all vendors are created equal.

Several vendors will be critical and those vendors should be monitored & managed throughout the relationship. The Risk Reviews Module lets you know who your high-risk vendors are and where to focus your time & effort.

Customize your risk levels

Customize those risk levels to fit your current risk approach. Assign weighted scores to those levels.

Schedule risk reviews

Never miss another review. VendorRisk will notify you ahead of time when a risk review is due.

Supports your review process

Establish review committees to examine a vendor's risk profile with workflow to approve or reject.

Get VendorRisk. Get organized.

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets.
Get your vendor management program up and running today.

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