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VendorRisk Services

Technical Support

Got a question about how something works? VendorRisk support personnel are available via phone or email. Your inquiry is typically answered within an hour and usually within minutes.

Cost: Free

Web-Based Training

Really stuck on something? If you need greater assistance than a quick phone call or email, we can schedule a web-based training session. Invite co-workers to join the webinar and learn about the software in greater detail, during which you can ask questions.

Cost: Free

Periodic "Health Checkups"

Not sure you're using VendorRisk to its fullest potential? We can schedule a web-based meeting, during which we'll create a temporary support account in your site and you can show us how you're currently using the software. If we see any areas that you may be underutilizing or using improperly, we'll point those out. We'll also highlight any new features that you may not know about.

Cost: Free

Partner Services

Outsourced Vendor Management

Our partners are experienced vendor management professionals who can perform any or all of the following:

  • Designing your risk and diligence questionnaires
  • Assisting in vendor and contract data collection
  • Reviewing and identifying any vendor issues and creating a resolution plan
  • Conducting due diligence on your vendors, including:
    • Financial review and analysis
    • Bankruptcy reviews
    • Business report reviews (D&B, Experian, etc.)
    • Website derogatory info searches
    • Better Business Bureau reviews
    • Vendor site visits
  • Providing updated risk questionnaires as regulations change
  • Ongoing review of industry and regulatory websites to remain current and compliant
  • Proactively communicating findings to internal and external auditors

Cost: Determined by you and the partner

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