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Quickly Get The Information You Need When You Need It

How fast can you get the task completed? That's the true value of any software product. Regardless of how pretty, secure or "cutting edge" a product may be, it's worthless if your trusty Excel spreadsheet can do the job faster.

Our goal with VendorRisk is to make everything as simple & accessible as possible.

See All Your Action Items On Your Dashboard

When you login, you're directed to your VendorRisk homepage — a "dashboard" that lists all upcoming and current items requiring action. The dashboard answers the all-important question, "What do I have to do?"

What action items appear on my dashboard?
  • Upcoming contract expirations
  • Upcoming vendor insurance expirations
  • Upcoming third party document expirations
  • Upcoming vendor risk reviews
  • Vendor risk reviews to complete & approve
  • Upcoming due diligence reviews
  • Due diligence reviews to complete & approve
  • Upcoming vendor performance reviews
  • Vendor performance reviews to complete & approve
  • Unresolved incidents

Calendar of Upcoming Items

If you're more visual and prefer to see action items in calendar format, VendorRisk has a calendar module that lists each day's items. It's a great way to see what you have due in upcoming weeks.

Status Updates page

Need to see what important activity recently happened? The "Status Updates" page will show you when:

  • a vendor's status changed
  • a contract's status changed
  • a review's status changed
  • a vendor's risk level changed
  • a contract was automatically renewed by VendorRisk

Each status update displays the date & time of the update and the person responsible for the update. This page is a great way to review the past week/month's activity when reviewing your recent vendor management activity.

Global Search Tool

Use the global search box — available in the top-left of every page — to find the vendor, contract, contact, or document you're looking for. Need to find John Doe's phone number? Just select "Contacts" from the search dropdown and type in his name.

And if you're typing in a vendor's name, it will automatically show vendor names that contain your search string — no more mistyping a vendor's name.

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