Keep track of your agreements and licenses.

Your vendors provide services, software license and hardware agreements. Understand the risk associated with every asset that a vendor provides to your organization.

Manage the Services & IT assets that
your vendors are delivering.

The vendors and contracts modules tell you who your vendors are and the details of the agreement (start date, end date, cost, etc.). The services & IT Assets module answers an equally important question — what service or product are they providing?



Use as a simple IT asset inventory system.



Conduct risk, diligence and performance reviews on your services & IT assets.



Track important dates for your software & hardware.



Create audit ready reporting to wow any examiner during your next review.

Servies & IT Assets

Email reminders

Track notification & expiration dates and receive email reminders.

Schedule ongoing reviews

Delve deeper into your vendor by reviewing the individual services they provide.

Get the whole picture

Build KPI boards to monitor a vendor's services to ensure their reliability.

Get VendorRisk. Get organized.

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets.
Get your vendor management program up and running today.

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