Do You Know What Your Vendors Are Providing?

Manage the services & IT assets that your vendors are delivering

The Importance Of Tracking Services & IT Assets

The vendors and contracts modules tell you who your vendors are and the details of the agreement (start date, end date, cost, etc.) but not an equally important question — what are they providing? The deliverable will most likely be a service or an IT asset.

By having your list of services and assets, you can determine if you have multiple vendors providing the same service or IT asset, possibly letting you cut costs by ending unnecessary vendor relationships.

Use as a simple IT asset inventory system

Your IT department can use the software & hardware sections to keep track of desktop machines, laptops, and software installed throughout the company, and who in IT is responsible for the administration and review of the assets.

Track important dates for your software & hardware

Enter dates for: last upgraded on, acquired on, retired on, support ends on & warranty ends on. Receive email reminders when the support expiration date is approaching.

Conduct risk reviews on your services & IT assets

If you're using the risk assessment module, you can create risk templates and conduct risk reviews at the deliverable level. For example, a large vendor may be providing multiple services & software items. By conducting risk reviews at the item level, you can determine your most critical services and IT assets.

Examples of reports you can run, save & export...
  • The serial numbers of all printers in your building
  • Services performed by vendors that have access to NPPI
  • Last upgrade dates for all software used by your company
  • Internal & external recovery time objectives for your software & hardware
  • List of services used by the Marketing department

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