Organize Your Vendor Selection Projects

Involved in selecting new vendors? VendorRisk can help you.

Selecting A New Vendor Can Be Messy...

Your company's looking for a new vendor — for example, a new CRM software provider. You identify a half-dozen possible vendors, contact them, possibly send over an RFP, conduct demos, arrive at a short list, etc.

To manage this effort, you're probably using email to communicate with the vendor prospects, compiling their RFP responses in an Excel spreadsheet, and using email and a shared drive to communicate with the rest of your team.

In short, a lot of information in a lot of places.

How Can VendorRisk Help?

One home for all project-related information, available for all to see

VendorRisk stores all information related to a vendor selection project, such as:

  • The project's name, description, owner & budget
  • Each vendor being evaluated, the contact person, their quote and their status
  • All documents related to the project — original project document, meeting notes, etc
  • Comments posted by people involved in the project
Eliminate your Excel scoresheet with VendorRisk's automated RFP scoring

If you send out RFPs for vendor selection projects, then you can use scorecard templates to track each vendor's response. Enter scores for each vendor and their results will be automatically calculated.

Save yourself some time by offloading the work to your vendors

Use VendorRisk to automate the process of sending emails to vendors. Each vendor receives a unique link to a "guest page" on your VendorRisk site. The vendor can then respond online and upload their completed RFP.

Examples of reports you can run, save & export...
  • All vendor selection projects created in the past 6 months
  • All projects with a status of "In-process"
  • All completed selection projects in the Information Technology department

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