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Be Notified Ahead Of Time With Daily Alerts

Reminders sent every day

Each day, we'll send you any reminders at 8 AM your time. All items are bundled into one email so you don't get overwhelmed with notifications. Emails are sent in HTML format so you'll be able to click on the items and be taken directly to your VendorRisk site.

... Just not on weekends

No one likes getting work-related reminders on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Alerts that fall on a weekend morning will be included in the previous Friday's email.

What can appear in automated email alerts?
  • Upcoming contract expirations
  • Upcoming vendor insurance expirations
  • Upcoming third party document expirations
  • Upcoming vendor risk reviews
  • Upcoming due diligence reviews
  • Upcoming vendor performance reviews
Add your own custom reminders

In addition to the automated reminders above, you can enter your own reminders that will be sent to the item's owner on the date you specify. Use as a reminder tool — meetings, milestone dates, check-ins, etc.

CC: other users on reminder emails

Site administrators can elect to have multiple people CC:ed on each user's daily reminders. Useful if you're going on vacation or want your assistant or co-worker to receive a copy of your emails.

Administrator summaries

Site administrators can choose to receive a summary of all reminders sent out to users each day — great for seeing the day-to-day activity on the site and who's responsible for each item.

Keep discussions internal

Emails generated from VendorRisk will be sent "from" one of your user accounts, rather than a address. Any replies sent to VendorRisk-generated emails will remain internal to your company and we will not be privy to their contents.

Quickly Email the Item Owner

When viewing an item (vendor, contract, etc.), you'll have one-click access to email the item's owner. The email will automatically pre-populate the owner's name and a link to the item you're viewing. Save time by not having to go back to your email program and copy-pasting information from VendorRisk.

Forward Important Vendor Conversations to VendorRisk

Have you had an important email conversation with a vendor or a co-worker that you want to capture in VendorRisk? Rather than saving the email as a text file and uploading the file as a document, you can forward the email to VendorRisk via a unique email address that each customer has. Once you're logged in to VendorRisk, you can then "attach" the forwarded email to a vendor's record.

Reliable, Trackable Email Delivery

VendorRisk uses the SendGrid email delivery service to help ensure the successful delivery of all emails generated by the site. If an email does not reach its intended target, SendGrid provides the necessary information to help us troubleshoot the issue. Using their delivery tracking features, VendorRisk includes a "Delivery status" feature that lets you see if the email was successfully delivered to the recipient's email server.

All Emails Backed Up in Database

All emails generated within VendorRisk are stored in the database. Every user can see what emails have been sent to them, sent by them and the contents of the email. This feature also serves as a way to verify that emails were triggered properly by VendorRisk. Or if you accidentally deleted an email and can't recover it, you can login to VendorRisk and view the contents of the email in there.

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