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7 Reasons to Use VendorRisk as Your Document Repository

Because your shared drive is a mess

Shared drives are a problem for many reasons: lack of search, inability to easily give file-level permissions to appropriate users, version control issues, inability to access on a non-work computer, etc. And the more documents are added to the drive, the bigger the issues become.

No more confusing filenames

When you upload files & documents to VendorRisk, you can supply a title that will be used in place of the actual filename. Spend less time & energy trying to decipher files named ContractREVISED-final3-edited.doc.

Quickly find your documents

No need to cross-reference or jump through hoops to find the right document for a vendor or contract. All documents are accessible right from the appropriate page. Or use the search box (available on every page) to quickly find all documents by vendor or title.

Set expiration dates for time-sensitive documents

Attach an expiration date to documents and you'll receive email notifications when the document is close to expiration. Receiving proactive notifications helps ensure you have up-to-date information from your vendors.

Share document with others

Do you want to share a document with a vendor, co-worker or other party? Avoid the hassle of downloading the file and trying to email it — documents in VendorRisk can be shared with anyone. Just email them the document's unique public URL.

Unlimited disk space for your documents

Unlike many SaaS providers that have a document storage limit, we offer unlimited storage. No need to concern yourself with how many files you've uploaded and if you'll be hit with additional fees.

Stored safely at Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is the largest and most popular cloud storage provider. It offers the security and reliability necessary to feel confident that your documents will be safe. Every file is encrypted once it reaches Amazon's servers and is only decrypted when requested in VendorRisk.

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